Thursday, June 23, 2011

You are as good or as bad as you want to be not as people say you are!!!

I started to write this note to answer a future friend (maybe you can also identify with this story and become my friend too) that says that her mother always complain with her, does not matter what she does and how nice she try to be and the good things she does for her mother, she always receive unkind words as compliments.

Unfortunately in this world there is a good chance to meet/find people like that. They are always complaining, never happy, everything is against them, they suffer injustice everywhere, life is not fare, you are the one that make them unhappy etc. You probably already heard this complaining from someone.

Sometimes they don’t feel great so they have to say something bad about you to make themselves feel better, sometimes when they say bad things about you it says more about them than you or maybe they might be projecting their insecurity on to you... it can be many things

But let’s face the truth, for how long can someone make you unhappy, without you let it happen? In the end you are the agent of change of your life if you believe on it, you will realize that does not matter what people say or complain about you or their life, what matters is how you react on it and how you let this things affect you.

People say whatever they want to say based on their perceptions. It can be true or not, but in the end you are as good or as bad as you want to be… You are the master of your life, always.

My thoughts, now is your turn. What do you think?

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