Thursday, March 14, 2013

Harden not your heart!

I was watching this western movie called Hatfield and Mc Coys when Anse Hatfield (played by Kevin Costner) said to his firing squad that were ready to execute three members of Mc Coys’s family, that had participated of one of Anse’s brothers murder: “Make yourself ready. Harden your hearts”.
That quote was making an eco in my mind, “harden your hearts” … I believe that we have been doing that for much longer than the western movies even started, we, as human beings, have been harden our hearts, so we can live without any regret, it looks sad, but we do it all the time. Lot of people are dying in Africa everyday because of the war or AIDS and what we do, we harden our hearts. There is a lot of misery in the third world or even in the first world and what we do, we harden our hearts,  somebody beg for food near you, and what most of the time we do, nothing, just harden our hearts. Why we are so selfish? Why is so easy to look to the other side when the problem is not directly related to us, why is so easy to make our heart hard as a rock? Why is so easy to harden our hearts?
Because, maybe we are not able to see that all human beings are indeed related, because if we are energy, we are connected, and if we are connected, we in the end are just one, one big energy, related, linked…
So, let try to be more generous, let try to help more people, to donate more, to be more kind…do not let the day by day life, harden your heart!

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