Thursday, July 19, 2012

Be the destroyer and re-creator of your own life.

Shiva represents the power that everyone has to destroy what is wrong to create space for what is new and correct.
Shiva “Auspicious one” is a major Hindu god and one aspect of Hindu Trinity. He is also known as “Nataraja” - Lord of the Cosmic Dance - who dances the world into and out of existence. Shiva Nataraja is both destroyer and re-creator.
Thinking about our life and we can understand the importance to get rid of things that do not add any value to our life to open space to the new. As an example we can think about people that have a terrible job, they go to work with no energy, hating whatever they are doing, but they stay there just because they need the money. (that's fine, of course they can't leave a job without other one, at least most of people don't) However most of them do not anything to change, except to complain about life and how unfortunate they are.

Instead of complain, people should use their power to create or re-create space to the new, to see a new world in front of them.
It's not so easy to change a job, a relationship, a house, to move to a different country etc. Most of the time it is not easy to change. However if you do not open a space to the new, your life will be exactly as is today, if it is what you want, that's fine, stay there, if it is not, it is time to destroy the obsolete to create a new and beautiful life.  Be the destroyer and re-creator of your own life.
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