Saturday, September 29, 2012

Your old thoughts are responsible for what you are living now.

"There is a Buddhist insight that says; what we are experience in life is what we want from life. It's not what we have just fantasized or wish but what we really want. The only problem is that we are experience now what we wanted before..." from Lou Marinoff's book ("Plato, not Prozac").
We can read these same words in many different books nowadays, or watch it in movies like The Secret and others. The message is clear, we are what we want to be, nothing less, nothing more, not in a simple way but in a deep one. The problem here is simple, what you want for your life? Not a wish, but what do you really want? That's the problem, most people don't know exactly what they want. They have a lot of wishes but they don't have a clear picture of what are the life of their dreams. It's what we have to decide, and train our brain to think about it as something that we already have, until it materialized, not by accident as many could think but because you are attracting things that will help you to achieve it.
Remember; what you want today will forge your future. Choose it wisely!!!
My thoughts, now it is your turn. What do you think?
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